Love Over 50s advertises itself on its site as “A Fresh Take On 50+ Dating”. This is certainly true as this online dating site and app is very different to your usual dating site. The site uses a ‘intelligent matchmaking’ approach, which is underpinned by a proprietary in-depth personality test. Unlike other dating sites where you have to do the searching, here you leave all that up to the site. Love Over 50s uses the results of your personality test to match you up with compatible potential partners and sends you between 3 to 7 suggested matches a day, all complete with an intelligent matchmaking compatibility score out of 100%. Fancy stuff! The site in that respect is similar to sites such as eHarmony and Parship which are also personality test based. Where Love Over 50s differs and stands out from these two sites though is its focus solely on the mature and older dating demographics. This is an excellent site that attracts high quality people who are serious about finding a partner for a long term relationship and who have no time for playing games or swiping endlessly on apps! If that sounds appealing then read on to find out more.

How Do I Become A Member

Anyone who is interested in joining Love Over 50s can register and take the in-depth personality test for free. Simply click the 'visit site' link on this page and once on the homepage you can register for free. Simply select if you are a 'Man' or a 'Woman', add your email address and a password of your choice and click the big green 'Sign Me Up' button. The site then sends a membership verification email to the email address you entered. Accept that and you are now a member and can move on to taking the in-depth personality test. 

Note, you don’t have to be over 50 to join the site as you could be in your mid to late 40s and looking for a partner say up to ten years older than you. It allows people to join from this slightly younger age range also, so feel free to register!

What Is The Personality Test Like?

In a word… comprehensive! There are about 100 questions in total and it takes about 10 to 15 minutes to complete, so do make sure you have the time available to do so before you start. But don’t let this put you off. This is a site that uses a scientifically proven in-depth personality test to be able to provide your with high quality matches. Would you trust a short set of say 10 to 25 questions only to generate enough personality insights to draw meaningful conclusions and accurate compatibility scores? No, I didn’t think so. The test itself is probably about 80% multiple choice (you select the options that best match your qualities or preferences) and 20% ‘freestyle’ (where you type in your own answers). The results of the test form your profile and allow other users to see and learn more about you based upon your results. It also forms the basis of the sites ‘intelligent matchmaking’ compatibility feature which is the main reason people join.

Site Structure And Layout

We found Love Over 50s to be very well laid out, easy to navigate and simple to use. There are three main sections. Mailbox - where all messages you are sent from other members are delivered. Suggested Matches - where all your suggested compatibility matches are delivered each day (the site sends you between 3 and 7 recommended matches per day). Profile Visitors - where you can see who has visited your profile to check you out as a potential partner of interest.

The main difference with this site vs other dating sites is that you do not have to spend time doing manual searching for other members - the site's intelligent matchmaking system does that for you. This makes the site appealing to say busy professionals who are looking for high quality matches to review rather than have to spend hours manually searching for potential matches themselves. The scientifically proven compatibility matching element of the site also makes it appealing to singles over 50 who are serious about dating and looking for a long term relationship - this is not a site for casual dates.

All members can easily see more details about your suggested matches - including Username, Age, Occupation, and your Percentage Compatibility score. When you spot someone you like and click on their profile you are shown a short summary, photo gallery, personality summary and finally interests. You can view all of these except the photo gallery which is blurred out for free members.

And that’s not all - free members can also filter your suggested matches by a range of options - New, By Photos, In Contact and finally Favourites. So as a free member not only can you take the personality test and create your own detailed profile, but you can read and discover a lot about your suggested matches.

However, to get to know and contact one of your suggested matches, as well as see their photos, you will need to upgrade to paid membership. However the vast majority of people on a site of this nature do elect to upgrade as they are serious about finding a partner and want to chat and get to know someone who is also serious in their intentions to find a compatible soulmate.

Paid Membership Options

Site members have a choice of three types of premium paid membership.

Premium Lite - is the cheapest option at 3 months. This gives you the ability to both read and send unlimited messages as well as benefit from intelligent matchmaking. Bizarrely though you cannot see all the members photos in their gallery.

Premium Classic - is their 6 month option (priced at a saving of 20% off the Lite package). This allows you the same benefits as the Lite package BUT now unlocks the ability to view all members' photos in their photo gallery (a big attraction) plus allows you to also view the photos of the people who have visited your profile. Finally this popular option also delivers enhanced personality insights into your test results and whom you would be best suited too - which we found very interesting and helpful.

Premium Comfort - is their 12 month option - which is identical to the Classic option but just over a longer period and with a greater discount of 40% off.

The 6 month Classic is the most popular package. However, the 12 month Comfort option is also taken out by a lot of people looking for the best value package in their quest for their soulmate.


Love Over 50s is the only site we have put into our Over 50s Personality Dating category. It is a very good online dating site (and dating app) that attracts high quality members across the UK. The site appeals to those who are looking for serious relationships and high quality matchmaking but either don’t have time or don’t want to waste time searching for people only to find you have nothing in common! By joining for free and taking their personality test you can see lots about your matches (except view photos and the ability to send and read messages) and see if this site meets your needs. However to get the most out of the site you will need to upgrade to premium membership, which the vast majority of members on this site do as they are serious about finding a committed partner. If you are looking for one of the best online dating sites for singles over 50 in the UK, this should definitely be in your Top 3 site choices! 


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